Pre-Employment Physicals

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Pre-employment physical exams are sometimes required by employers for work-fitness/ work-ready assessments. Physical tests, urinalysis and more are quick in-and-out services at our office!

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Pre-Employment Physicals

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Pre-employment physicals are medical examinations performed on job candidates to determine their physical health and fitness to perform the duties of the job. These exams are typically conducted after a job offer has been made, but before the candidate starts working. The goal of pre-employment physicals is to ensure that the candidate does not have any medical conditions that could pose a risk to themselves or others in the workplace, and that they are physically capable of performing the duties required for the job.

Here are some examples of individuals who may require a pre-employment physical:

  • Jobs that require heavy lifting or physical labor, such as construction workers, warehouse workers, or delivery drivers
  • Jobs that involve working at heights or in confined spaces, such as window washers or electricians
  • Jobs that require driving, such as truck drivers or bus drivers
  • Jobs that involve exposure to hazardous materials or chemicals, such as lab technicians or chemical plant workers
  • Jobs that require physical fitness, such as law enforcement officers or firefighters
  • Jobs that involve frequent or prolonged computer use, such as office workers or programmers, as employers may want to assess ergonomic risks and screen for conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Ultimately, the decision to require a pre-employment physical will depend on the specific job requirements and the employer’s policies and practices.