Do you need a DOT Physical?

Make sure you're physically fit to operate your vehicle.

For certain driving jobs like commercial truck driving, a Department of Transportation physical exam is necessary to ensure that you’re physically fit enough to operate the vehicle. Many people put off taking their CDL medical exam thinking that it will take too much time or that paperwork will be a hassle to complete. We provide quick DOT exam with a DOT Certified Medical Examiner so that you can get in and get back to your day. 

We also understand how important it is for a driver to maintain their commercial driver’s license, so you can trust us to be professional and knowledgeable about your needs as a commercial driver for your CDL physical.

View the official requirements from the FMCSA here.

DOT Physicals just $85

18 wheel truck driving on open road on way to DOT Physical exam

What is a Non-DOT Physical?

Non-DOT physicals are sometimes required by employers for work-fitness/ work-ready assessments. They can be similar to DOT exams in what is being tested (i.e. lifting weight, joint motion), but are required in non-DOT industries. We offer physical exams, urine drug tests, non-DOT drug tests, and more are quick in-and-out services at our office!

Is your employer requiring a pre-employment physical? Schedule your appointment today to quickly knock this off your to-do list.

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Maria Corona
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Dr. Gloria and her staff were very professional and willing to go the extra mile to ensure I received the best care possible. She listened to my concerns and took the time to thoroughly answer my questions.
Richard Delgado
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She is super friendly, easy to talk to, and will answer your questions & concerns.
Kelly Besmil
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Mrs. Gloria Andrade is friendly, patient & professional.